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Got Knits??

Sounds like you need Blendy's New Zealand Yarn Sampler Box. It's a treasure-trove box containing around 15 artisan yarns, patterns, accessories and other knitting-related items in sample quantities, which you will be able to enjoy touching, feeling, knitting, spinning, felting... and then you'll know just what to buy for your next project. 

It’s a wonderful try-before-you-buy deal, because you don't get the full touchy-feely experience with photographs when shopping online.

Blendy's NZ Yarn Sampler Boxes are like a mini craft fair - you get a little bit of everything that knitters would enjoy, such as yarn, fibre, stitch markers, buttons, embellishments, gift cards, delicious treats - all made by fantastic (mostly) NZ creatives. I want to share my love of supporting the amazing crafts New Zealanders make with the rest of the world. There will also be a few amazing international samples, because we love them too.

If you like the samples in your box, please make sure you check out the suppliers websites and see what other great stuff you can buy!


MORE INFORMATION AVAILABLE once you send me your email address for registration! Register>>





Boxes are on hold at the moment while I finish writing and publishing my sock book - due out in July! I have a few mini packs still available on Felt and Etsy,

So you can be emailed with the sale date and time. Register>>

I am always looking for more suppliers to be involved with this great promotion. Find out more>>

Get all your crafty gift shopping done here, or email the wish list to your friends so you actually get something you want!
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I'm going to be at the Auckland Art & Craft Fair!
Come along to visit me and buy my Sock Knitting Pack. It's everything you need to get inspired to start your next sock project - you get a skein of NZ hand-dyed sock yarn (brands TBC, but you'll know and love them), some circular bamboo needles, and my upcoming collection of sock patterns!
At this fair, you will only be able to buy the entire Sock Knitting Pack - I will not be selling individual items. However, watch out for my book launches in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch! Dates to be confirmed.






WHAT'S IN THE BOX?Contents of the April box - Click the pictures to find out more


Songbird Designs

Curiouser & Curiouser

Zealana Possum



Spinning a Yarn

Blendy's Snood

Blendy's Cakes

Needle Food


Mohair Craft




Vintage Purls

Wool Things

Fab Fibres




Jackie Z


Southern Alpacas


WHAT'S IN THE BOX?Contents of the January box - Click the pictures to find out more