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What's in the Box?

Yarn Traders - your online resource for exotic and unusual yarns, fibres, felt and fabrics

Wow, did your monitor just explode? Check out these colours! Helen at Yarn Traders has the most incredible products available, and we are extremely lucky to have her included in the NZ Yarn Sampler Box. This time, she has supplied amazing bags of Sari Silk Fibre from India, which can be used for felting, embellishing, spinning and silk paper making. The sample bags are mixed, but not necessarily the same. The fibres are rich colours, and very shiny - my mind is already boggling with potential creations where I could use this. And... Helen has very generously sent enough samples so that every box will receive one! Hooray!

Yarn Traders have also just launched their new website, packed with all sorts of unique yarns and craft supplies. Check it out at www.yarntraders.co.nz


Samples from the January Box:

Yarn Traders - your online resource for exotic and unusual yarns, fibres, felt and fabrics

Look at the beautiful yarn samples that Yarn Traders have supplied! I am so excited to have these in the NZ Yarn Sampler Box. They are something really very special - recycled silk sari yarn. It is called Annapurna, and is 99% silk, hand spun in India. Each 25g skein is like an electric rainbow, with incredibly intense colours! I've never seen such an exotic yarn before, and Helen at Yarn Traders is being extremely generous and wants every Sampler Box to contain some beautiful sari silk.

I bet you can't wait to buy a box so you can get your hands on this amazing yarn, so why not check out the Yarn Traders website and be tempted by tantalising yarns that you might have to add to your stash...