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What's in the Box?

Needle Food - Hand dyed yarn for delicious knits

Michelle at Needle Food has again supplied some absolutely fantastic samples for the next NZ Yarn Sampler Box. This time there are two new colours - Boysenberry and Dining in Denim. Both are gorgeous shades, and would look fantastic knitted up in a fancy sock pattern. Both of these are now available at www.needlefood.co.nz for $26 each (for a 100g skein). Plus, there's a chocolate for each of you too.... (unless I eat them first!)

If you are a Needle Food addict like myself, then you will already know how great this sock yarn is to work with, and you'll just be buying it immediately without waiting for your sample. If you are yet to be converted, then browse their extensive catalogue (it includes sock, worsted and lace weight and you can even have things custom ordered) - and by that stage you probably won't be able to wait for the sampler box either!

Take my word for it that Needle Food sock yarn really IS for delicious knits - please, try some too!

Here are my Knitting Olympics socks using the Needlefood Lupin sample from the January box (striped with another lilac yarn).

Needle Food - samples from January Box


I've been waiting for these - I'm a bit of a Needlefood addict after discovering Michelle and her stash of awesome wool at Craft2.0 last year. Also, since every parcel of Needlefood yarn that arrives contains a chocolate, my 4 year old son assumes that ALL wool parcels should contain chocolate and he has been rather disappointed this week with so many parcels arriving without treats!!

Michelle has sent in 6 different shades of very generous 20g samples - I haven't yet decided which is my favourite - they are all fantastic! And of course they all come with a Whittakers chocolate :) Here are the colours FYI:

Berry Fruits - shades of reds
Blueberry Crush - shades of blues
Hokey Pokey - shades of yellow
Lupin - shades of purple
Espresso - shades of brown
Spring - shades of green

And to fuel your addiction, there is even an added bonus with these samples of a discount on your next purchase...

Or just go buy some now at www.needlefood.co.nz

My Needle Food Stash

It has come to my attention that I have quite a few beautiful skeins of Needlefood yarn. So I thought I'd take a picture of my collection. This excludes completed projects, as they've been knitted up into socks from patterns for my upcoming sock book!